Agriculture work in the Netherlands

We offer work in agriculture in the Netherlands. Type of work: harvesting (vegetables, berries, flowers, fruits, mushrooms) and other agricultural work.
Recruitment, paperwork is free.
The hourly wage for people aged 18-20 is 10,82-13,27 eur / hour.
13,27 eur/hour
Work hours
40 hours/week, possible overtime.
40-60 hours/week.
Knowledge of English is required
Responsibility and punctuality
No harmful habits
Double rooms, 85-115 eur/week.
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What our recruits are saying
I had a job interview yesterday, so I can answer the questions in the comments. They work with a Dutch contract, they are paid weekly, they do not work on business trips. Housing and transport are provided, taxes are deducted from the salary. The offers may be individual, depending on the ability and the date you ride. Maybe it will be useful for someone :)
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